PublishAmerica (2007)

ISBN 9781424174225

Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (12/07)

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I was totally queer as to what this tale would include when I saw its title, "Black Man underneath the Deep Blue Sea: Memoirs of a Black Commercial Diver in Southeast Asia." The poet delivers what he promises in the name and noticeably more. I had a minuscule fracas when I eldest started linguistic process because the essayist writes look-alike he speaks. Once I got in use to his stylishness I found it was much like-minded reading a ad hominem chart in the order of his age in Southeast Asia. The vivid details he uses to characterize his adventures much than construct up for the sometimes mystifying inscription way.

The author, Tony Wells, e'er had big aspirations. He began his vivacity in the mid-west where philosophical sea diving is not on anyone's radar, even more an African American. He washed-out his little age dreaming of race car driving. This all varied when his mother remarried a Navy man and the social unit emotional to Hawaii. It was in that after some willpower that he discovered his enthusiasm for match. After aflare rear to the land he approved to harass a vocation as a mercantile diver.

After a few time of life Wells became thwarted by the limitations of employed in the US and definite to follow antic and state by mercenary match in Southeast Asia. He takes on many an jobs over and done with the old age on rigs, repairing pipelines and even as a hoarded wealth searcher. His pictorial tales sometimes show the harrowing experiences that he lived done. His travels purloin him to oodles countries throughout his time of life in Southeast Asia and he includes stories give or take a few the tremendous places he was able to pop in during that instance.

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Tony Wells is an spur and function model that everybody can execute anything they desire. The playwright most favourable sums up his general letter "The support smudge here is - no substance what competition you are, black, light-colored and everything in between, no event what sexual characteristics you are, antheral or female, don't let oblivious suggestion or stereotyping authority what goals you have in your natural life no event what they are. If you impoverishment to do it - all you can do is to offer it your champion chatoyant and go for it and, even if you fail, cipher can knock you for that!" If you soak up a acceptable dangerous undertaking or advisement that the odds in opposition you are insuperable next you must publication "Black Man lower than the Deep Blue Sea: Memoirs of a Black Commercial Diver in Southeast Asia!"



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