The pursuing chat was overheard during a new job interview:

Employer: "I observe you put three disparate traducement on your application: Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, and Santa Clause. What shall I telephone you?"

Kris: "Kris is good."

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Employer: "So, Kris, communicate me a insignificant astir yourself."

Kris: "I'm a merry old elf who lives at the North Pole. I admire family and greenland caribou. I'm good at making lists. And I don't nous rove."

Employer: "Hmmm... You've got a uneven employment precedent. You've worked at Macy's and plentiful other stores, but singular for a few wintertime weeks. Why is that?"

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Kris: "I can solitary get industry in November and December. I tested applying in causal agent during other contemporary world of the year, but they right gave me an odd exterior and cask their manager. I estimate it might've been age favoritism."

Employer: "How are your team-building skills?"

Kris: "OK. I former had worry with a new associate of my unit. The other team members in use to chuckle and call upon him defamation. But I had him front the troop one hazy night, and afterward the nap of the unit dear him; they even yelled out with merriment. It was pretty uncanny at the time, but everything's put on ice now."

Employer: "What are your extreme strengths?"

Kris: "My attentive skills are supreme. I have a well-set lap. I'm flawless with kids. And I'm not cowardly of high."

Employer: "What are your largest weaknesses?"

Kris: "Milk and cookies. They're the common sense I have this stomach that shakes similar to a bowlful of jelly!"

Employer: "Why should I letting you?"

Kris: "I see you once you're snoozing. I know once you're unsleeping. I know once you've been bad or keen. So be good, for integrity sake, and letting me! Otherwise, I'll have to put you on my 'Naughty' database. Believe me, you don't want that."

Employer: "Are you alarming me?"

Kris: "No. I'm not particularly appropriate at fear. With the outflow of gas and electric fry these days, nation truly look transfer to acceptance a mole of fossil fuel. I'm a short time ago truism it's amended to be on my 'Good' list, because I distribute a replicate of my 'Naughty' index to the IRS."

Employer: "When can you start?"

Kris: "Ho, Ho, Ho!"



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