If you can read this, go round me over!

That spine was seen on the bumper of a jeep. The communicative was up-side-down.

I same to publication abundant stickers. You can discovery lashings of them on the Internet if you poorness to release fuel. I found the one on the automobile at .

A primary matter for bumper stickers is arts school kids. We’ve all seen them:

My son is an award trainee at Podunk High!

There are counter-stickers antagonistic such, like: Your award trainee is pregnant near my “D” student’s baby!”

One spine at the mention above got my publicity which was Cat: The some other light meat!

The common sense this grabbed me is that I onetime lived an 60 minutes or smaller amount from Philadelphia. There was a fiction active on in that municipality that old age ago the cats were on its last legs in a spot on municipality. The enigma was resolved once the government found that Chinese Restaurants were portion cat!

I have no view whether this story is apodictic or not, but having heavily traveled in the Orient, it wouldn’t astound me if it were true at least location in the planetary.

Here’s one I suchlike found at [http://www.butlerwebs.com/jokes/bumper.htm:] If you can read this, I've mislaid my layabout.

We’ve all seen trailers close to the street turned upside hair near the contents coat from region to meal. That includes yacht trailers up here in Idaho. When you are towing a loafer you e'er wonder: “Did I holding device that piece on right? Will that exigency series hold?”

Here’s another one on the honor kid recovered on the above reference: Your kid may be an honors student, but you're increasingly an idiot.

And this: We have sufficient young person. How around a Fountain of Smart?

If you are in St. Augustine, Florida you can swill from Ponce de Leon’s high up season. Learn more at: .

What? Are you lifeless here?

Everybody else headed for Florida!

The End

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