We all cognize that the United States of America is cosidered by Muslims as their antagonist. The Holy War or "Jihad" brought by the set of Binladen is in opposition the USA. And most of us reasoned the September 11 Terror as part of the Jihad. This is because the United States of America razorback the Israel on its war antagonistic the neighboring Muslim nations, and after USA likewise attacked new Islamic nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. And now, if the worries resulted by the Pope's content would not be determined down, other Jihad may perhaps take place again, this event opposed to the Christians peculiarly the Roman Catholic Church.

The Pope aforesaid on his lecture, "the sovereign comes to speak around the mental object of jihad, holy war. He said, I quote, 'Show me righteous what Muhammad brought that was new, and nearby you will discovery material possession simply bane and inhuman, specified as his edict to promulgation by the blade the idea he preached'." They said that the Pope's demand is a bright confirmation of his ignorance of the Islamic philosophical system wherein the Quran teaches peace, tolerance, justice, sameness and no drive to theological virtue. And they are now job for the Pope to like a shot abjure and thing an acknowledgement for his remarks active Islam and his hostility of the notion of international jihad.

With this, the Roman Catholic Church is now facing terrible problems: (1) Its connection to Islam and Muslims; (2) Its belief on Pope's Infallibility.

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If the Pope will not cognitive content an apology, Muslims may perhaps regard a Jihad resistant Christians or the Roman Catholic Church in expert. Imagine the Christian churches bombed by suicide bombers or set them to forest fire only just resembling what had happened to the two churches in the West Bank last September 18, 2006. And this will be a worst war: Christians vs Muslims.

And on the new way, if the Pope print an apology, it will straight give the lie to their philosophy on Pope's dependability. Remember that the Roman Catholic Church teaches that the Pope is aweigh of inappropriateness. Issuing an apology to Muslims on what he aforesaid on his oration is a free embracing on his nonaccomplishment and is a proof that its ism on Pope's reliableness is imaginary and this will be nearly new by other than Christian divinity in criticizing its doctrines.

The Muslims made it absolve earlier that the Roman Catholic Church government couldn't sleep this hold-up by basically explaining the Pope's target on criticizing the Islam and its Jihad. What the Muslims are asking is the Pope's of our own acknowledgement not by his transmission. If they are care on the bond of Christians and Muslims, they must act like a shot or most unattractive holding will pass.

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