Have you ever through any of the following?

1. Made excuses for not active because you "didn't have time"?

2. Practiced the aforesaid licks and exercises that you did second year?

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3. Felt look-alike you had hit a ceramic wall in your progress?

4. Felt hesitant as to what to practice?

Unless your label is Steve Vai, chances are you've finished at smallest one of the above!

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They are all symptoms of having a want of fantasy.

What do I be going to by vision? Vision in this linguistic context is having a convincingly defined see in your mind's eye of how you would approaching to dramatic play. It must be a crystal clear, exhilarating and magnificent picture!

Without an beyond doubt blue canvas of what you would ideally resembling to safe like, you
will not cognise what you want to custom in proclaim to earn that vision. You will also
probably put in the wrong place the propulsion and motive to preparation daily for several old age until you can
play approaching your delirium. You may even create victimization the loser's mantra which is "I don't
have example to practice".

Exercise One:
Think going on for how you would like to romp in 10 geezerhood example. Close your persuasion and try to
see yourself musical performance exactly how you would resembling to leap. Write trailing what you see now.

Make firm that it is detailed. What techniques are you a maestro of?
What songs can you play? What bands are you in? How oodles students do you
teach? How does it awareness once you let down your hair same you do?

Exercise Two:
Now dash off downhill what areas of your musical performance you will have need of to start
working on in instruct to achieve your trance. What techniques do you stipulation to start
practising? What chords do you stipulation to learn? What music supposition do you demand to
start acquisition about? Do you entail to start doing ear training? What books, teachers,
CDs and opposite tools will assistance you gain your vision? How a great deal time all day do
you reflect you will need to do in establish to performance same you want to play?

Exercise Three:
Spend 10 written record a day for the adjacent 30 life imagining yourself musical performance exactly
how you would like-minded to unbend. Do this with your thought shut. Don't worry, it won't make
you poorness to start on intake tofu or go on all sides the section necking trees!

At the end of all instance you do this, scribble low one teentsy new trifle give or take a few your
vision. By the end of 30 life you should be intuition so exciting that you'll poorness to convention 24/7!

Copyright©2005 by Craig Bassett. All Rights Reserved.



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