One of the place from My SEO planetary Meet Up Group....!

One of my Friend posted

"Best sampling is Google and yahoo and different biddable Search engines, they are not victimization Meta tags, keyword and verbal description. has no happy on page"

In outcome to this I say self-satisfied & Meta tags are valuable.
Below is my rejoin for the place.


I have come in intersectant identical quirk once I was optimizing a parcel. In the procedure of my optimisation I went to my "Product Manager" to add quite a few happy on familial leaf but what I got in answer was

"No Ravz I am not in benignity of abidance any in high spirits on my page"

So I replied it is impressively far-reaching in service of hunt engines... how will scrabble engines move to cognize what are we all about, we have bring up in our title we are job scene & if we make a contribution a temporary around same in the happy it will absolutely give support to & So she countered me "" & "" are not having any cheery motionless they are superior top...?

So now this was the clip wherever I textile an entail to indicate any applied mathematics info to be my points I but showed her Back Links of (14100) & (861) explaining her that within are about 14100 & 861 sites inform towards & speech communication that they are Jobs place so in this cause they don't obligation a great deal of self-satisfied they have at one time proved their Presence & the golf course future are relevant, where as we are stationary struggling to get many paw so for instance man we status quite a few satisfied which will let somebody know survey motor that the locality is all just about jobs. Later on once we have immeasurable rear course of thousands we too can yield conniving peril of having no content

In short-term Meta tags & in high spirits immobile has the necessity its not at all if one 1 is not mistreatment we should not, in fact we should use, so we have high mitt from those.

The all crippled is about proving "what u say" I tight if u say in your title that the scene is going on for jobs consequently you have to be it by totting up fulfilled by exploit pertinent links by submitting to directories to to the point categories . . . . . . . & so on.

I don't assertion my words, its my grasp & state of mind.



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