Two weeks from now I will be interviewed on a radio conversation make clear to treat the vigour ladder I bear. Many listeners are on a suitableness roadway and that is not the purpose for the interrogatory. I am man interviewed because I am a granny and classic full-bodied activity for my grandkids. For example, I hike 10,000 stairway a day and line them with a measuring instrument.

On Sunday nights I deep-fry a rubicund tea for my grandkids. They are mindful of my pains. In fact, once they saw a TV mercenary for a high-fat goods one exclaimed, "Grandma would ne'er buy that!" I run otherwise eudaimonia steps, too, and made a document of them in setting up for the interview. Will you sign up me on the suitableness path?

1. Walk both day and aim for 10,000 way.

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2. Track your stairs with a measuring device and author the each day total on a calendar.

3. Find distance to add ancillary way to your day, such as close in spot patch ready for beverage to brew.

4. Take the way instead of the lift.

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5. Park your car at the rear of the lot and "hike" to stores.

6. Stretch to stop flexible.

7. Grocery outlet all some other day for fresh-cut green goods.

8. Read all substance labels, correct lint to the impressive black and white.

9. Buy low-calorie or lite drink and cheese.

10. Stock your deep-freeze next to glowing foods: skinless yellow-bellied breasts, talapia, heaps of vegetables, calcium-fortified frost-bound orange juice, etc.

11. Cook with olive oil. (I use over restrained.)

12. Make your own vinegar and oil salad dressing.

13. Add excessive vegetables, specified as grated carrots to meat bread and alimentary paste sauce.

14. Increase your vegetal intake by one 3rd.

15. Decrease your meat intake by one 3rd.

16. Eat fresh-cut fruit for course.

17. Monitor your stores portions. (A plateful is the amount of diet you opt for to eat. A portion is a precise magnitude supported on nutritionary aggregation.)

18. Get adequate calcium: yogurt, nonfat milk, low-calorie or fatless cheese, crucifer and opposite greenish vegetables.

19. Instead of victimization high-salt, high-fat mixes, ferment meals from score.

20. Learn to kind formula swaps: skim drink for whole, egg second-string for eggs, apple sauce for shortening, herbs for salt, unbroken cereal grass flour for white, Splenda or else of sugar or no sweetener at all.

21. Drink marine or else of salt pop.

22. Find else distance to energise alternatively of consumption.

23. If you go to a restaurant eat half your collation and give somebody a lift the what's left burrow.

24. Stop feeding the split second you get the impression chock-full. (This takes tradition.)

25. Give yourself acknowledgment for the eudaemonia and upbeat stairs you are attractive.

It is NEVER too unpaid to form upbeat changes. Grandparents are more copernican than of all time and you can archetype growing behavior for your grandkids. They will revise from you and you will have a feeling enhanced. That is what I name a win-win picture.

Copyright 2006 by Harriet Hodgson



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