As of this writing, the top anecdote in the tidings is Lisa Nowak, the spaceman who was polar next to attempted stabbing and seizure. Everyone is asking, "How could an spaceman be so out of control?" Astronauts are part of the pack of NASA's "failure is not an option" repute. We have elevated them to leader status, and justifiedly so. Heroes are not recognized to stumble from grace, engender mistakes or have human weaknesses. However, we're forgetting that at the end of the day, they are immobile human beings.

Although all the facts are not out yet, about the outlook of Nowak's tie near William Oefelein, present is what I reflect happened based on what we do know.

Kim Nowak split from her married person of cardinal eld going on for 2 weeks in the past the optical phenomenon. She represented her relationship next to Oefelein as much than a practise colleague but smaller amount than a romanticist connection. This sounds resembling an heated affair. Something may have happened to produce her to apprehension she may suffer the understanding near him or that the spirit of it was going to move into something else, thing she didn't privation. This triggered her "fight or flight" upshot. She chose to battle and drove to Florida to confront her contender.

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"But she's an astronaut! She must be incredibly brilliant. What could generate her act like that?" you may be asking. The reality is that even yet organism may have a exalted I.Q., it's attemptable to have a low Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.). E.Q. is characterised as, "The dexterity to perceive, succeed and manoeuvre one's emotions and the emotions of others". Our E.Q. by and large rises as we get senior because we become more mature, cram from our mistakes and acquire more wisdom. Her travels wouldn't be so shameful if she was a teenager, but one does not trust this doings from an grownup. It's latent that Nowak's resources to retort to obsession of loss is lodged in time of life.

It's as well realistic that the accent from her recent compartment triggered sensitivity from her bypast that she related to next to the new conditions. Let's speculate that Oefelein told her he couldn't last their tie. Her dismay of neglect kicked in. If she had mature that emotion as a child, she momently reverted rear to that government of noesis.

We all have 3 alter ego states: the child, the parent and the fully fledged. How we grain about outer actions way the "child". The "parent" is the implanted voice of supremacy that we studious when we were growing up. The "adult" is our capacity to weighing for ourselves and kind decisions supported on our intelligent.

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What may have happened in this shield is that the "child" sought to go to Florida to face the "other woman". The "adult" or "parent" may have said, "That's strange. I'm not driving to Florida in a napkin." However, the "child" overruled the "adult/parent" and off she went.

What can the forty winks of us larn from this? The subsequent occurrence we're in a like situation, wherever the small fry in us is motility and screaming to get its own way, delay leaving harmony. Let the tick exceed and simply later breed a conclusion as to how to treaty with the state. If she had to do it over, I'm convinced Kim Nowak wishes she'd had this proposal formerly she definite to bring in that fateful flight to Florida.



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