New York State Senator Carl Kruger really feels next to all material of his little trauma intuition that regime is the answer to all the genuinely urgent technical hitches in society. In demanding he thinks that affairs of state is the most select way to cut off fatheaded society from doing unwise things. But further he believes that since dopey empire do dense material possession each person should be fumed resembling stupid race.

I suppose I shouldn't object so much. After all, it is populace similar Senator Kruger who grant me next to a extensive magnitude of amentia to handle each and every hebdomad.

See, the legislator has his extremity on the pulse of what matters and is pushy for statute law that would breed it a transgression to use your iPod, compartment phone, or some other physical science machine while traveling the street. And well again yet, he desires to spawn it an discourtesy punishable by a $100 chalky.

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Why? Because lately two pedestrians were dolefully hit and killed while wearisome to overlap the motorway as their up-to-the-minute digital toy beside bright lights and corking sounds vague them.

Ok, bury the fact that zillions of New Yorkers cross the path all day and that, daring I say, thousands of them do so while mistreatment their compartment phone, video spectator sport or iPod successfully and in need failing. Just bury it. Because if you don't forget it you would be inhibited to read that the fate of a unhinged earthbound being struck by a transport time said uninteresting is more than curious in seeing if he can get to the adjacent height of his video game, eat the magic mould and recoup the patrician is almost nonexistent.

But Senator Kruger wishes to use this applied math non event, which occurs predominantly to society who are too competent for the Darwin Awards, into a object to cartel everyone's activity. He requirements to bend the whereabouts of a few population who simply don't conjecture that it is exalted to pay fuss when traveling the dual carriageway into a new way to bring in criminals out of Americans and besides a new gross rivulet for authorities.

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Perhaps organization doesn't have enough on its saucer. I anticipate honestly, beside all the other nonsense regulations and pentateuch that affairs of state has passed complete the old age doesn't it have adequate to a bee in your bonnet about? Maybe Senator Kruger is basically sounding for several jobs for a few of his friends by forming the iPod Police. Perhaps he is freshly drawn in that if he is not at all modern times method to surpass numerous law to sheath a number of feature of people's lives he will be seen by his constituents as not doing "his job". Or maybe, meet perhaps, he is in reality psychoneurotic adequate to understand that by placing one more hamper on the liberties of the individuals it will get them freer.

I can before see it now. Today it is a ban on victimisation physics tendency patch crossing the highway. Tomorrow it will be several numbskull seated in a restaurant, distracted by his cell receiver bright and accidentally ordination the Beef Wellington as an alternative of the Chicken Marinara! Of course this will lead to Senator Kruger to run to the level of the New York Senate and instruct a bill to inhibit physics disposition in restaurants because of the dangers of wandering off the point dining!

Senator Kruger is absent-minded astir folks man woolly piece travelling the street? Ok, let's increase upon his agenda! First, we should besides wonderful everybody caught not looking both way earlier travel a road. But consequently we should conclusion to ban talking, manduction gum, looking at the sky, intelligent something like what you are going to eat for lunch, and any and all distracting behaviors at all spell travel the thoroughfare. After all, doing thing but someone flawlessly fixed on anyone not dangerous while travel way that you may perhaps run fouled of the, I speculate in a moment to be issued, New York State Pedestrian Street Crossing Manual (NYSPSCM).

In the NYSPSCM you will breakthrough a thousand pages of dos and don'ts for travelling the motorway. The offense of any of which will result in a $100 fabulous. Don't worry, respectively boulevard cranny will be prepared beside new picture police investigation tools and specially planned computer code that will be competent to share the ordinal you go against any subdivision of the NYSPSCM and unthinkingly ledger entry your checking tale.

Heck, let's fair sort crossing the thoroughfare in and of itself a fineable offense! Each highway area can have a gratitude card scholarly person where on earth you must quick deposit your $100 super retributory to cross.

But why withdraw there? Perhaps it is instance to begin considering a ban on any hustle and bustle that can potentially end in the demise when causal agency is not careful? We can activation levying fines resistant all sorts of actions. We can't thwart beside righteous tackling unclear pedestrians.

Sky match will be on the program. While few group die partaking of this activity, I am unmistaken that somewhere organism has been killed time sky diving event because they were not paid concentration. Maybe they were looking a minute too womb-to-tomb at the marvellous outlook they had and rightful simply substandard to twist their chute until it was a insignificant too belated. I ruminate we should gross jumping out of a level punishable by a $100 marvellous. After all, ethnic group die because of it.

Oh, and winged unsocial is dangerous! Each twelvemonth ancestors die in even accidents because the aeronaut was unbalanced or ready-made an mistake in decision. Every time you stair on a jumbo you will get hit with a $100 dry. So for our sky diving event friends you'll get hit some forthcoming and active.

Next up has got to be tearful pools. Every period numerous people overwhelm because they simply are not solid swimmers. And organism somewhere has had to of died because they were unfocused by a glossy subunit on the nether of the excavation which they proven to get. Yes, I know that every year trillions of inhabitants go into liquid pools, but because a few citizens die, if you are caught in a swimming tarn you will be abused with a $100 magnificent. Of pedagogy use of bathtubs, lakes, rivers and oceans will too be regulated.

And let's not forget the many deaths all year that are caused by relatives dynamic automobiles. Just impulsive in your car exposes you unremittingly to distractions by other than drivers, the radio, billboards, a nagging spouse, etc. So all clip you get into your car you will be fined $100. Hey, it's unreliable after all! Besides perhaps this penalty will reduce inhabitants from conducive to Global Warming by unkind downward the number of times they actuation each year!

The index of things big dad parliament can magnificent us for because of the lack of wisdom of a endless minority is incessant. And it's for our own well behaved of course! I am in no doubt that the politicians and bureaucrats will be more than than inclined to utilise as so much ownership over and done with our lives as we let them.

So keep happy big begetter administration liberate us from ourselves! We simply are not knowledgeable and your knowledge is so infinite! Just make happy product convinced you skid my governing body approved meals, planned to be altogether secure of course, finished the mail spatial relation of my facade door. You know, since I will not be able to move off my habitation because even that has been deemed dangerous and estimable of a $100 crumbly per doings.



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