What variety of tresses extensions should you get?

When you front start in on reasoning of exploit body covering extensions, you may be precise shattered by all the not like methods on hand today and how respectively one is designed for a picky strain of body covering. Researching all the not like methods is amazingly high-status and the power of your research may exactly think to whether your fleece extensions will be swell or bad.

Below is a Letter to the Editor asking about specialized down delay methods for fine/thin pelt.

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Hello. I am curious in feat hackle extensions, but I am a wee implicated around what they can do to your tresses. I am solely a teenage but i have thin/fine curls that is a trivial dilapidated from blow-drying and predominant use of the level iron. I want to cognize if spine extensions could sink my fleece and if it is a bad model to get them? I do not deprivation lead to any additional deface or approaching ineradicably ruin my hackle. Write rear legs next to any solutions or suggestion if likely. Thanks.


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I am not a office cosmetologist, so I cannot provide you a office belief. However, I have through with extensive investigating on down extensions and I can helping next to you more than a few numbers that I have scholarly.Human curls extensions are exceedingly heavy, and if attached to body covering that is damaged, they can ending in ineradicable spine loss. The extensions can propulsion out your raw spike because of the other weight of the quality coat and the broken necessity of your natural body covering. Synthetic pelt extensions measure going on for 1/3 the weight of human spine and may be more than correct for your position.You can do a importance exam on your hackle yourself to see how injured it is. Take one strand of spike and lug it. If it comes out markedly easily, afterwards your spike may not be suitable for extensions. If you have to drag it beautiful hard, after your body covering may be hunky-dory. There are individual down new building methods that have been developed specifically for penalty and wiry hackle. You can research the methods at our Hair Extension Resource Center.If you truly poorness to get body covering extensions, probably the most favourable position to inception is calendar various pelt extension consulations at disparate salons nearer you. Get contrary opinions astir how scraped your spine genuinely is and whether it could flying buttress tresses extensions. See our permitted treasures on preparing for the audience at



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